As most women do, I love to shop. I could literally shop til I dropped. While on one of my excursions to the ‘big city’, I saw the most delightful purse on display in a shop window. The bottom portion of the purse was black and the top portion was the most beautiful shade of lime green. It was calling my name and putting on it’s best ‘come hither’ look (yes, purses really can do this!) so I obeyed its orders and went inside for a closer inspection. When I looked at the price tag I almost choked. My mind began racing! Should I or shouldn’t I? I began wondering how much money I could get for my first born son! Thankfully, my love for my child brought me back to my senses. I stroked and fondled the purse, blew it a kiss, then left the store in a hurry.

All I have now are fond memories and today’s template. This is my version, albeit a paper one, of that gorgeous, gorgeous speciman.

Download the template.  Oops. Time’s up!

Nicole made this sample template for us a few weeks ago. I have since updated and modified the template a little bit. I hope to make a purse myself later on today, after the kiddies go to school. Until then, I leave you with Nicole’s creation.