One of my blog readers (Hey Carmen!) asked if I would be able to draw templates of those cute bride and groom gift boxes that can be ordered from various sites on the internet. As mentioned before, I never like to “copy” someone else’s template in exact dimension and form so if I was going to recreate these cuties, I would have to put my own twist on it.

One of the things I dislike about the original bride and groom boxes are the side pieces. They are floppy and don’t tie into the rest of the box for support or protection of the contents. I decided to do away with the side pieces on my version and instead created a box closure on the inside. I think the box is more functional this way; it is much more sturdy and the contents of the box will stay put, even if knocked over on it’s side.

***Some blog readers are asking about the texture on my bride dress. I simply placed the template in a cuttlebug folder and ran it through the cuttlebug before assembly. But, there is a catch; I am a cutter. I cut my embossing folders into pieces so that I have better control over what and where I can emboss. This template will NOT fit into an embossing folder that is left in tact.***