Children love to spend time with parents, especially while participating in activities they enjoy. As a parent it is important for you to come up with innovative craft ideas that will allow you to spend quality time with your child, be part of his world and contribute significantly to his creative development.

If you do not have much experience with crafts, you may feel overwhelmed. But there is no need to worry as you will find help across the internet when you run a relevant search. Here, we have listed three enjoyable ideas for crafts with kids that you can start off with, before you take on more challenging activities with your child.

1. Collage

You and your child could have a fun time preparing collages both inside and outside the house. If you take on this challenge outdoors, the things that your kid has to collect include flowers, twigs, leaves and grass. However if you plan to make the collage indoors, things like comic strips, magazines, advertisements and newspapers will have to be provided. Once the resources for this Craft with Kids idea has been acquired, give your child a base to work on, a pair of scissors and some glue. Once the collage has been completed, dry it and feel free to flaunt it to your guests.

2. Sculpting

With the help of this Craft with Kids idea, you can facilitate your kid’s manual dexterity. Getting your child involved in kitchen work can be both fun and engaging. Salt dough for instance gives your child a great opportunity to showcase some of his creative instinct. The only three things you will really need include water, flour and salt – all of which is readily available in your kitchen. Encourage your child to use cookie cutters or sculpt characters and things from the dough. Once they are ready, bake them and give them to your kid so he can appreciate what he has made and eat it too!

3. Marble Painting

The materials you need for this particular Craft with Kids idea are water-based paints, marbles, a box and paper. Ask your child the colours he wants to use and distribute them accordingly in jars that have wide lids. Thereafter they can use the paint, marbles and the box to create patterns on the paper, in any way they like. Very soon there will be a beautiful piece of artwork before your eyes and your kid would bask in glory, knowing he made it.

Indulging in crafts with your child in only one of the many activities you can do together and bond over. Never underestimate how much time your kid would love to spend with you. A lot of parents like to believe otherwise because their busy schedule doesn’t allow them to have free time for their child. However, knowing otherwise will prove to be beneficial for your kid and you so it is important that you invest some time and energy into thinking of things that you could do together.