Become an important part of your child’s fun times and help develop his or her creativity. Coming up with ideas for fun activities for your child can be difficult when they keep clamoring for more. Some fun activities for kids can also be found in your local craft store.

There actually are thousands of available resources on the internet, in your favorite craft store, in craft newsletters and in local craft groups that can help you decide on which of the many creative activities to involve your child with.

3 Fun and Enjoyable Activities for Kids

Kids enjoy the chance to exercise their creativity and create gifts and crafts for those they love. The praise they get from those they love means a lot to them and encourages them to keep creating.  There are many fun activities for kids that you can provide for your children.

Activities for Kids

Rainy days are perfect for crafting with your kids.  Here are three ideas you can get your kids involved in:

#1: Collage

This activity can be done as a scavenger hunt either outdoors or indoors. If this is to be an outdoors scavenger hunt, provide your kids with a list of items to find, such as:

  • Twigs
  • Flowers
  • Leaves
  • Small stones

If this is an indoor scavenger hunt, give your children a list of pictures they are to find.  Provide them with different magazines, comics, newspapers and glossy advertisements to either cut out or tear into different shapes.

Once your kids have gathered their items, let them to glue their materials to a piece of paper in any design they choose.  When the collages are finished, dry them in the sun.

#2: Sculpting

Encourage the development of your child’s manual dexterity by letting them help you in the kitchen.  Find a recipe that is easy for kids to make such as salt dough.  All you need are salt, water and flour.  Some ideas for things to make with the dough include:

  • Designs to decorate with icing or paints using cookie cutters.
  • A leaf using a real leaf to create an impression in the dough then cutting around the outside with a butter knife.
  • Chair, person, or other object.

Once your child has created their masterpieces, bake the salt dough in the oven to harden the dough.

#3: Marble Painting

Purchase water based paints or use condiments from your fridge and turn this project into edible art. You can use store bought marbles or marbles made from salt dough then baked.  Supplies you will need include:

  • Marbles
  • A small box
  • Paper placed in bottom of the box.
  • Water based paints or condiments from your fridge placed into jar lids or small bowls.
Let the kids drop their marbles into whatever colors they want; they can even be multi-colored. Once coated with colors of choice, drop the marbles one at a time into the box and tilt the box so the marbles roll around and create designs.  Do this with each colored marble then let the piece of paper dry.
Create lasting memories with your kids and keep their treasured artwork to stir memories later.  Activities for kids can be simple or complex and created using simple household items or store bought items. Participate in these activities with your kids and you will have memories to remember for a lifetime.