Paper Templates Bundle – By Request

I’ve had many requests to offer a template bundle so I put one together for ya’ll.

You will receive 19 of our most popular templates in one download file. Purchased separately, the cost for these files would be $37.81 but you can get them all in a PaperShapez Bundle for $21.99! That’s a savings of $15.82!

Here is a list of the templates you will receive:

Boot Gift Box
Chinese Nugget Box
Flower Pouch
Origami Gift Box
Skate Shaped Gift Box
Star Topped Gift Box
3D Mug
Birthday Hat Gift Box
Bon Bon Box (Christmas Cracker)
Chinese Purse
Cupcake Gift Box
Easter Basket
Egg Shaped Gift Box
Graduation Cap Gift Box
Heart Shaped Gift Box
Life Saver Gift Box
Mini Toolbox
Santa’s Sleigh
Treat Box

Paper Templates Bundle

PaperShapez Bundle

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

How lovely is this gift box for the holidays!  I was hoping to get this template out a couple of weeks ago, but I guess better late than never.  If you’re anything like me you still have a long list of things to do and make for Christmas.  This Christmas Tree Gift Box may be just what you are looking for to share the holiday spirit.

Christmas Tree Gift Box

It’s a pretty easy project and should add the perfect touch to your holiday gifts and decorations. This template is available for purchase in my Paper Templates Webstore.

Ice Skate Gift Box

I have a friend who is a figure skater and I wanted to create a special holiday gift box for her this year so I designed this sweet little skate gift box. The box is self supporting and stands up on it’s own and, although you can’t see it in this photo, there is an opening at the top of the skate which would be perfect for holding candy canes, hot chocolate packets, or even a bag full of chocolates.

I made my skate out of Real Red cardstock (template takes 2 sheets). To jazz it up, I added fuzzy white brads, white ribbon, and thin feathering as a cuff. I made the sole of the boot using a straight edge and a black Sharpie marker. The blade was made out of shiny silver cardstock.

Ice Skate Gift Box - Girl

And, I just couldn’t let the opportunity pass to make a masculin skate. As you can see, I put a couple of treats inside of the box so you can get an idea of the size.

Ice Skate Gift Box - Boy

Each skate took roughly 15-20 minutes to assemble and decorate after the pieces were cut out. It’s not a difficult project at all but, because the pieces are exact in measurement, it does require you to be careful and accurate when adhering the pieces together. This template is available for purchase in my Paper Templates Webstore.

More Flower Topped Boxes

Oh my goodness, I am having so much fun with these boxes! I now have 25 made for the upcoming holidays.

These particular ones were created using a shiny, metallic paper. I distressed the flower center using sandpaper so that it would stand out even more. I was going to add ribbon but I think these boxes are so pretty that they don’t need anything else.

I actually have another idea brewing for this box. I was thinking of making the template smaller and putting 24 of them together somehow for use as an advent calendar. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to work on this over the next week.

This template is available for purchase in my Paper Templates Webstore.

Flower Topped Boxes

Gift Boxes – The Holidays are Approaching

Anyone who knows me knows that I have an obsession with gift boxes and this next box just makes me giddy! It is small and unique but, best of all, it is so freaking adorable! I just want to point out that this box is not my original design but I did draw the template based on finished boxes that I saw on party favor website.

Since the Holidays are quickly approaching, I got a small jump on things and made 12 of these boxes to use for gift giving. While this box does look intricate, (yes it does require a fair bit of scoring and folding), they actually go together fairly quickly and easily once you get the grunt work done.

This template is available for purchase in my Paper Templates Webstore.