I had a request for a couple of Hanukkah templates and here is what I came up with; A Star of David gift box and a Dreidel Gift Box.

The Dreidel Box turned out so cute and is quite easy to put together. It opens at one end so you can fill it with your favorite holiday treats. The template comes complete with the four Hebrew letters which you can cut out.

Dreidel Gift Box

Dreidel Gift Box Open

I also drew a ‘Star of David’ gift box. Of the two templates, this one is the harder one to assemble. It isn’t hard but you really need to be accurate with this one as the pre-measured sides are precise. If your score lines are off, the template won’t go together as clean as it should.

Star of David Gift Box

Star of David Gift Box Open

Both templates are available for purchase in my Paper Templates Webstore and both come with assembly directions.