Isn’t it amazing just how many types and styles of gift boxes are out there? I love gift boxes and I wanted to share my absolute favorite one with you. I have drawn this template in many shapes and sizes so that I always have a wide selection to choose from.

Here is the box completely closed. It’s cute and looks like your standard everyday box. (Ignore the crinkles – I was using a very thin, low cost cardstock for my sample photos and it bent and crinkled very easily).


Here is what the box looks like open. Very cute and so not your average rectangular box.


And this next photo shows why this gift box is my absolute favorite. It stores COMPLETELY FLAT and fully assembled!


And lastly, this! A bi-colored box!

Thanks to my new Silhouette machine, I am now able to make this box in many different colors, sizes, and shapes without effort. Once they are cut out and assembled, I can store them flat in a rubbermaid container for future use.