Oragimi Gift Box

While surfing the net yesterday, I stumbled upon the loveliest gift box. It was called a ‘Fabric Origami Gift Box’.

You could, if you wanted to, order the sewing pattern for it. Since I am not much of a sewer, I wondered if I could design something similar out of paper instead. I’d get much more use out of it if I could. So I sat down this morning and, within an hour, had a pattern all whipped up. Take a look!

T’is Wedding Season

I received another ‘wedding’ type template request from one of my blog readers. This one goes out to Julie B.

This is a chair favor box – it would be absolutely adorable as a place setting for your next dinner party or it could be used as a mint favor box for a wedding. I am hosting a stamping social at my house in the fall so perhaps I will use this template and decorate it in a fall theme.

The photo below shows the optional ‘chair cover’ that I drew to go along with the chair. I thought this would be cute if you are using the template for a wedding so that you can make the chairs coordinate with your wedding colors. The chair cover simply slides on to the closed chair box.

As always, please ignore the ripples and bends in my paper. I use a low quality, lightweight cardstock when preparing my template prototypes.

Have your cupcake!

I am participating in a fundraising fleamarket/bake sale in two weeks time and decided to donate a variety of cupcakes to the cause. Being the crafty gal that I am, I decided that I should make something cute to display the cupcakes in and so I drew up this sweet little cupcake holder (inspiration was based on a similar box that I saw on the internet somewhere). I baked my cupcakes in 3.25oz souffle cups which are now the ‘in’ way to bake your cupcakes. The template will also fit a cupcake baked in a traditional muffin/cupcake liner.


Cupcake holder with empty souffle cup.